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Experience & Explore - Adventure Safaris in Tanzania,Tanzania Adventure,Camping Safaris Tanzania,Tanzania Budget Safaris.

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Tanzania Budget Adventure Tours & Safaris Holiday Packages.

Discover Tanzania's wildlife-rich Northern Safari Circuit game parks & beautiful landscapes on our inspiring Adventure holiday packages for Budget Tanzania Camping Safari holidays.

Get to see Africa's Big Five, game viewing adventure safaris in Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire & Lake Manyara Park. Best Tanzania safaris tours budget luxury camping packages.

Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Hike up Kilimanjaro Africa's tallest Mountain and one of the world's Seven Summits.

There are seven climbing Mount Kilimanjaro routes among them the Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, Northern Circuit and Umbwe.

Itinerary Overview.

This YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris Adventure Budget Tanzania Camping Safari package offers you a spectacularly scenic and wildlife journey through the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit in one of East Africa's top safari destinations!

Starting and ending in Arusha, Tanzania, this affordable adventure budget Tanzania camping Safari is ideal for with a limited time and on budget in East Africa!travelers

Explore the diverse Tarangire National Park, home to one of Tanzania's largest elephant populations and considered one of the most beautiful game reserves in Tanzania. Then embark on a game drive in the scenic and diverse Lake Manyara National Park, best known for its tree-climbing lions.

YHA Kenya travel will grow Let us create an adventure budget safari for you and you can rest assured that extra mile to find you the very best short adventure holiday deals from our all-inclusive luxury to budget safaris breaks.

Experience & Explore - Adventure Safaris in Tanzania,Tanzania Adventure,Camping Safaris Tanzania,Tanzania Budget Safaris.

Tanzania custom made short adventure safaris that fit your budget and needs.


Tanzania is a truly magnificent country with its vast Game Parks, the majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Zanzibar Island is the focal point on every traveler’s itinerary to this East African destination. Tanzania is truly rich in natural wealth making it a rewarding must-see African country to visit.

Tanzanian Safari Game Parks

Tanzanian Game Parks are a must see for nature lovers and safari enthusiasts. Tanzania has two distinct game viewing areas.

Firstly, the most popular area - the Northern Circuit including the Serengeti National Park, which is the most famous game reserve in this area. The Serengeti is home to one of the nature's most spectacular displays, the Wildebeest Migration. Hundreds of Thousands of Wildebeest cross over this mighty game park during June to August creating a spectacular scene also called the Great Migration. The Ngorongoro Crater National Park also forms part of the Northern Circuit. The Ngorongoro is a game reserve with a large concentration of game located inside the rim of an extinct volcano. The sheer numbers of the game found in the crater are just mind-blowing.the

The second game viewing area in Tanzania is the Southern Circuit of which the Selous Game Reserve is the most well known. The Southern Circuit is a good alternative for those who wish to get off the beaten track and see Tanzania at a slower pace

Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

Tanzania is also home to the Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world at around 5 895 m. For hikers a trip up Kilimanjaro is a "must do" as the view from the top of this majestic mountain is spectacular, to say the least. There are several routes up Kilimanjaro that appeal to novice and experienced hikers alike, with the Marangu route being the most popular with trekkers. One of the Seven Summits, snow-capped Kilimanjaro lies in northeastern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border.

Zanzibar Island Tanzania.

There is no better way to round off one's visit to Tanzania than with a trip to Zanzibar Island with its rich cultural history, strong Arabic influence and amazing capital, Stone Town.

Zanzibar also happens to have some spectacular warm-water, white-sand beaches, which beckon to those wanting to relax and put up their feet. There is plenty to do in Zanzibar especially when it comes to water sports. Activities include snorkeling, swimming, fishing or sailing, as well as scuba diving the offshore reefs and islands of Zanzibar. Swim with dolphins, explore Stone Town’s old quarter and sample the wide variety of spices in the markets of Zanzibar.

Tanzania Adventure Safaris Travel Highlights.

The Serengeti National Park.

Visiting the vast plains of the Serengeti it is easy to see why the Maasai called this spectacular area Siringitu, meaning “the place where the land moves on forever".

Tanzania’s premier National Park, the Serengeti covers 14 763 sq km’s of plains, kopjes, rivers, forests, and woodlands in northern Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is best known for the Great Migration when around 1.5 million wildebeest, over 200 000 zebra and 300 000 Thomson's gazelle stampede across this beautiful wilderness area in search of grazing.

The Serengeti offers superb game viewing and excellent photographic opportunities, with healthy populations of Africa’s Big Five species as well as cheetah, giraffe and African Wild Dog among others.

The Ngorongoro Crater.

The Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest volcanic caldera at around 260 sq km, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as “Africa’s Garden of Eden”. The Ngorongoro Crater is said to be home to the highest density of mammalian predators in Africa hosting about 25 000 large animals.

Descending 2000 feet to the floor of the crater an abundance of African wildlife species can be seen, including lion, elephant, wildebeest, zebra, rhino, eland, Thomson’s gazelle and buffalo. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers 8292 sq km of forests, savannah plains, wetlands and lake habitats on the eastern side of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania.

The Olduvai Gorge.

Olduvai Gorge, commonly known as "The Cradle of Mankind” is a famous archaeological site where the Laetoli hominid footprints, Oldupai Museum, and numerous hominid, animal and plant fossils are located. 

The 48 km long steep-sided gorge lies in the Great Rift Valley and is most famous for ancient archaeological findings made by Louis and Mary Leakey, including some of the earliest hominid fossil remains.

The Lake Manyara.

Freshwater Lake Manyara lies within the diverse and lush Lake Manyara National Park, offering superb bird watching, stunning scenery, and excellent game viewing.

This compact game park is best known for its tree-climbing lions, healthy elephant population and thousands of flamingoes. The 325 sq km Manyara is also home to a variety of wildlife species, such as hippo, baboon, buffalo, cheetah, Maasai giraffe, and impala.

The Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire Park boasts the highest density of elephants in Tanzania, in a wild and remote wilderness area of spectacular beauty. Tarangire Park lies southeast of Lake Manyara, a less crowded gem on Tanzania’s popular northern game viewing circuit. This seasonal park dotted with baobab and acacia trees are flanked by volcanic mountains in the distance and cover around 2800 sq km of grassland, woodlands, and floodplains.

Tarangire is home to the some of the highest concentrations of game in Tanzania and is famous for its close encounters with large elephant herds, numbering 300 strong. The park is best visited during the dry season when animals congregate at the permanent waters of the Tarangire River. Tarangire wildlife includes migrating wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, eland, impala, hartebeest and a variety of predators, as well as African Pythons.

A wide variety of bird species inhabits this scenic park, which is also the only wilderness area in Tanzania where certain antelope species of oryx and gerenuk can frequently be sighted.

The Selous Game Reserve.

Tanzania’s best-kept secret, the Selous Game Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its unspoiled wilderness and the diversity of its wildlife.

Selous is Africa’s biggest game park, at around 54 600 sq km’s, it covers an area of southern Tanzania larger than Switzerland. This pristine protected area teeming with wildlife is home to Tanzania’s largest elephant population, vast numbers of giraffes and the highest concentration of African Wild Dogs on the continent. This untamed wildlife haven is home to huge numbers of hippo, crocodile, buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, and impala as well as numerous lions and 350 bird species. The wild and vast Selous Reserve incorporates a wide range of habitats, from forests, dense bush and open woodlands to lakes and lagoons.

The Southern Tanzanian Game Parks.

Tanzania’s Southern game viewing circuit includes the vast and untamed Ruaha National Park boasting diverse habitats and the easily accessible, game-rich Mikumi National Park.

Weather in Tanzania.

Tanzania enjoys great weather patterns, experiencing warm and mild conditions during the peak travel season in Tanzania (June - October). This is a good time to visit Tanzania when the weather is best for game viewing and for beach activities.

From December to March, the days are hot and sunny. There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania. The first heavy rains fall between mid-March to the end of May and the second lighter rains fall throughout November and parts of December.

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Join A group who share the same spirit of adventure on a low budget traveling to Tanzania for a holiday.

You are free to join our Tanzania budget safari package from the selected adventure tour packages and join as a solo traveler, a couple or as a group. You will have a chance to meet up with other travelers from the world over and get to have a chance to have more fun and also an opportunity to network and share ideas, experiences and learn more from each other in your social interactions as you travel.

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Kenya And Tanzania Adventure Budget Camping Safaris Tours Packages

3 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting from Arusha - Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro Crater- Small Group Short Safari.

3 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Arusha - Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro crater-Tarangire -Small Group Short Safari.

4 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Arusha - Ngorongoro crater-Serengeti - Small Group Short Safari.

4 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Arusha - L. Manyara/Ngorongoro crater-Tarangire- Small Group Short Safari.

4 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Nairobi - Arusha- Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro crater-Small Group Short Safari.

5 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Nairobi-Arusha-Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro crater-Tarangire -Small Group Short Safari.

5 Days Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safari Starting From Arusha - Lake Manyara-Ngorongoro crater-Serengeti -Small Group Short Safari.

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*Park entrance fee

* Crater tour as per the Itinerary

*Full board accommodation on safari

*Service of an English speaking driver guide

* Transport based on a 4WD Vehicle with pop up roof for game viewing and safari vehicle

* Driver allowances and park fees for vehicle and driver

* Game drives as per the Itinerary

* Any applicable taxes

This Price Excludes:

* Extras at the lodges i.e. drinks, telephone, laundry etc.

* International flight

* Visa entry into Tanzania

*Tips to porters and drivers.

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